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Tele selling is an significant avenue for sales for most business establishments in the present time eventuality. While most people make use of tele selling, there are just 1 or 2 who?re profitable. In case you wish to be productive too, make sure that you abide by the provided tips.

Smile, when you?re tele selling your goods. While the person on the other end of the phone may not observe your facial expression, he or he?s going to definitely feel it. Smiling not only makes you more confident however additionally gives your voice a pleasing undertone. Moreover, when you smile, you?re bound to feel relaxed and that will also reflect in your voice. So, when you sound confident, pleasant and chilled, the individual you?re calling is certain to be more willing to lend an ear to what you are saying.

Learn to listen to your clients. Most tele executives are more engaged in narrating their part of the tale than listening to what the customer has to say. This disposition may merely frustrate the receiver of your call and so you must make it a point to hear what the other person is saying before continuing with what you ought to say. Do not multitask when on a call as you might not be able to listen to what?s being stated. By lending a patient and alert ear, you will be able to make your discussion more productive.

To make sure that you have an engaging and smooth conversation, include various open ended investigations in the call. This can give a chance to the receiver to speak his/her mind. In reality it?s much better in case the prospective customer is at the speaking end more than you. Purpose being this creates a comfortable atmosphere for the recipient. This may aid you coax the person to go ahead with the purchase.

Come in rhythm to the recipient?s style of talking. In case the person at the other end of the phone speaks softly and carefully, try to take up the same speaking style. As the pace plus the style of speaking reaches a common zone, the chances of successful chat raises manifolds. The recipient develops an affinity with the caller and thereby strikes an engaging chat.

Besides the above mentioned tips, you could also look at recording your calls to increase your success quotient. Recording your calls and listening to them will aid you understand the areas where you could improve. You may wish to say ?Hi? in a distinct tone all together. Or you might realize that your articulation is not very apparent to the other person. Work on your flaws and you will manage to collect success for sure.

So, in case you desire your tele selling to bring the preferred revenue and profits, it makes sense to take on the given tips at the earliest.

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Lindau 2013: Unity and diversity

This blog post originates from the Lindau Nobel Online Community,the interactive forum of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. The 63rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, dedicated to chemistry, will be held in Lindau, Germany, from 30 June to 5 July 2013. 35 Nobel Laureates will congregate to meet more than 600 young researchers from approximately 80 countries.

Ashutosh (Ash) Jogalekar is part of the official blog team. Please find all of his postings in the Community blog.

In the last post I described how chemistry more than many other sciences is a land of diversity. This diversity becomes especially apparent when we size up the list of Nobel Laureates who will gather at Lindau this year, especially in terms of their work which spans the fields of chemistry, physics, biology and medicine.

The first thing that makes this diversity clear is the fact that some of the scientists here have not even won the Nobel Prize in chemistry. A prominent example is the duo of Serge Heroche and David Wineland who got the physics prize last year for developing ingenious methods to trap and play with single atoms and ions. Yet their methods are relevant to the general study of atoms and molecules. A similar example comes from Steven Chu, former US Secretary of Energy who also developed methods for taming unruly atoms, this time by cooling them using lasers.

On the other hand, Walter Kohn and his fellow prize winner (the late John Pople) who did get the chemistry prize provide a model example of the interdisciplinary nature of chemistry. As a physicist who studied under another famous Nobel Laureate, Julian Schwinger, Kohn shared the prize for developing widely used methods to calculate the details of molecular structure. And he shared the prize with Pople, who originally trained as a mathematician.

If the overlap between physics and chemistry is suggestive, that between chemistry and medicine is dead obvious. A look at the history of the medicine and chemistry Nobel Prizes demonstrates that you could have easily switched many of the prizes without anyone noticing. For instance Brian Kobilka, Aaron Ciechanover, Ada Yonath and Peter Agre are just four examples of laureates who were recognized for medically important discoveries and who could have easily been ?hijacked? by the other side. In fact Agre and Ciechanover are not even formally trained in chemistry; both of them are doctors with MD degrees.

When I had dinner with them at Lindau in 2009, both of them joked about how they were now regarded as experts in chemistry, in spite of the fact that neither of them would probably do well in a formal chemistry class. And we also have an undisputed medical discovery here, the finding by Harald zur Hausen that the human papilloma virus causes herpes. It?s worth noting that the Lindau council still found in pertinent to include zur Hausen in this august cast of characters, possibly because the discovery of a virus (a collection of ?chemicals? including proteins and nucleic acids) leads the way to the discovery of anti-viral drugs (a counterclass?of ?chemicals?).

Even within the group of prizewinners who could be regarded as bonafide chemists, the diversity of?research is clear and is a testament to the astonishing reach of the ?central science?. There are scientists who worked out the structure of biologically important molecules (Brian Kobilka, Robert Huber, Ada Yonath, Hartmut Michel), who invented new methods for efficiently making molecules (Akira Suzuki, Robert Grubbs), who studied the destruction of the ozone layer and its consequences for humanity (Paul Crutzen, Mario Molina), who coined a word for an entirely new way of practicing chemistry (Jean-Marie Lehn), who discovered new forms of carbon (Sir Harold Kroto) and who founded the genetic engineering revolution (Walter Gilbert).

Even the limited sampling of Nobel Laureates at Lindau provides an idea of the sweep of chemistry in accomplishing every important scientific and technological goal, from exploring the fundamental structure of matter to paving the way toward novel medical therapies. In addition the work of this year?s Lindau Laureates addresses issues across the intellectual spectrum, from pure investigations of atoms to findings of direct relevance to drug discovery and design. It would be hard to top the catholicity of discovery provided by this eclectic collection of scientists.

The diversity of discovery found among the Lindau Nobel Laureates gels well with my thoughts on chemical diversity and unity from the previous post. There are indeed a few unifiers in the list; for instance Rudolf Marcus can be said to have unified physics and photosynthesis, and Molina and Crutzen unified basic physical chemistry with politics. But by and large the men and women at Lindau this year are diversifiers. They came into this world wanting to know how and why. And they stand before us today, having left our world a little more interesting for us to explore.


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King's 1963 Detroit march remembered with walk

DETROIT (AP) ? Thousands participated in a Detroit march commemorating the 50th anniversary of one that Martin Luther King Jr. led in 1963.

The walk down Woodward Avenue on Saturday morning culminated in a riverfront rally at Hart Plaza.

The civil rights icon visited Detroit on June 23, 1963, to lead tens of thousands in a freedom walk and also previewed his "I Have a Dream" speech.

Martin Luther King III, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton participated in Saturday's march and rally.

Detroit NAACP President Wendell Anthony said the march "signifies that the work for freedom and justice must continue" in Detroit and worldwide.

Sharpton says it's important to keep fighting for justice and marchers weren't merely taking "a nostalgia trip down Woodward."


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NFL: Family seeks answers in death near Hernandez home | The ...

Boston ? At least one company yanked an endorsement deal from New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez on Friday as puzzled family members of a friend found slain a mile from Hernandez?s home sought answers about how he died.

Police have searched in and around Hernandez?s sprawling home in North Attleborough, not far from where the Patriots practice, but a court clerk said that as of Friday afternoon no arrest warrants had been issued in the case. The Bristol County district attorney has not released any information, other than saying the death of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd was being treated as a homicide.

A jogger found Lloyd?s body in an industrial park Monday. Family members said Friday that Lloyd had been dating Hernandez?s fiancee?s sister for about two years. They said the two men were friends who were together the night Lloyd died.

Police in nearby Providence, R.I., said they had assisted Massachusetts state police and North Attleborough police with activity related to the Hernandez investigation at a strip club named Club Desire. It was unclear if they believed Lloyd and Hernandez might have been at the club in the days before Lloyd died.

Family members have said Lloyd, 27, was never in trouble.

CytoSport, a Benicia, Calif.-based company that makes Muscle Milk and other supplements for athletes, said Friday it was ending Hernandez?s endorsement contract, effective immediately, because of the investigation.

A reporter was escorted out of the club Friday afternoon before she could speak with employees or patrons.

Family members have said Lloyd, 27, was never in trouble.

story continues below

"I want the person that killed my son to be brought to justice," said Lloyd?s mother, Ursula Ward. "That?s my first-born child, my only boy child, and they took him away from me. ... I wouldn?t trade him for all the money in the world. And if money could bring him back I would give this house up to bring my son back. Nothing can bring my son back."

Family members said they had heard from Lloyd?s girlfriend but not from Hernandez after Lloyd?s death. They are anxiously awaiting an arrest in the case.

"We?re just hoping for justice," cousin Marsha Martin said. "We don?t want Odin to have died in vain."

Hernandez?s attorney Michael Fee has acknowledged media reports about the state police search of Hernandez?s home but said he wouldn?t have any comment on it.

Attleboro District Court clerk magistrate Mark E. Sturdy said three search warrants were issued in the investigation earlier in the week but have not been returned, meaning they?re not public. He said no arrest warrants had been filed in state courts by the time court closed at 4:30 p.m. Friday.

Hernandez was gone from his home for most of the day Friday, including when two state police officers knocked on his door. He returned home with his attorney around 5 p.m.

Patriots spokesman Stacey James has said the team does not anticipate commenting publicly during the police investigation. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was waiting for the legal process to take its course.

CytoSport, a Benicia, Calif.-based company that makes Muscle Milk and other supplements for athletes, said Friday it was ending Hernandez?s endorsement contract, effective immediately, because of the investigation.

The Patriots drafted Hernandez out of Florida in 2010. Since then, he has combined with Rob Gronkowski to form one of the top tight end duos in the NFL. He missed 10 games last season with an ankle injury and had shoulder surgery in April but is expected to be ready for training camp. Last summer, the Patriots gave him a five-year contract worth $40 million.

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Angels rally from 7 runs down, stun Seattle 10-9

ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) ? Staring at a seven-run deficit with Seattle's Felix Hernandez on the mound Thursday night, the Los Angeles Angels could have been excused for starting to think about the weekend.

Instead, the Angels chipped, scrapped, surged, charged ? and eventually eked out a stunning victory.

Alberto Callaspo drew a bases-loaded walk to bring home the tiebreaking run with two outs in the eighth inning, and the Angels rallied from that huge early deficit for a 10-9 victory over the Mariners.

Mike Trout matched his season high with four hits for the Angels, who trailed 8-1 after four innings. Peter Bourjos homered and had three hits, and he scored the tying run in the eighth during Los Angeles' final rally for its sixth win in eight games.

Nearly everybody in the Angels' lineup contributed to their monumental comeback, the second-largest in club history. After three months of mostly discouraging play, Los Angeles is on a decent roll ? but nobody expects a rally like this one.

"It's a great effort from our club," Angels manager Mike Scioscia said. "You're very rarely going to get down that much to a pitcher of Felix's caliber and come back. Our guys just did a great job. You just couldn't piece it together any better than they did."

All of the good feelings in Los Angeles' clubhouse were matched by the gloom in Seattle, which dropped three of four in the series.

Kyle Seager matched his career high with four hits and drove in the tiebreaking run in the eighth during a gut-wrenching loss for the Mariners, who couldn't protect a huge lead even with Hernandez on the mound.

"Tonight was exciting, just going back and forth the whole night," Trout said. "We got down seven (runs) early, and we just kept scratching out runs. We were just having fun. The excitement is there. We're all into the game."

Mark Trumbo hit a three-run homer while the Angels tied a single-game club record with seven consecutive hits during a five-run fifth inning. Albert Pujols had two hits and drove in the tying run on a broken-bat single in the sixth.

"I just blew the lead," said Hernandez, who yielded 12 hits and seven runs in five innings. "It's all my fault. Nobody else. Just me. There's no excuses. Actually, my fastball was fine, but I left the pitches up a little bit. They were being aggressive, and they scored some runs. There were a lot of broken-bat base hits, but it was my fault. But I'm not thinking about it."

Seager had a homer and two doubles during the first four-hit game by a Seattle player this season. Josh Hamilton couldn't catch his sinking liner to right in the eighth, and Brendan Ryan scored to put Seattle up 9-8.

But Bourjos singled, stole second, advanced on a throwing error and tied it on Erick Aybar's RBI single off Carter Capps (2-2). Seattle walked Trumbo to load the bases with one out, and Ryan made a diving stop to force out Trout at the plate before Yoervis Medina walked Callaspo on four pitches.

"It's a tough game from an emotional standpoint," Seattle manager Eric Wedge said. "You take that big lead and do a lot of good things, and then you give it back. I was proud that we fought back and scored a run and took the lead back, but they fought right back, too. That's why you play for nine innings, man. The bullpen just didn't quite get it done. Obviously, we had to go to them early."

Ernesto Frieri pitched the ninth for his 17th save. Scott Downs (1-2) gave up Seager's double, but also got one out in the eighth.

Tommy Hanson yielded six hits and seven runs during the second-shortest start of his career, getting chased by Seattle without getting an out in the third.

But Hernandez couldn't finish despite having a 3-0 lead before he took the mound and an 8-1 advantage in the third. Trout had three hits off King Felix, improving to 14 for 30 in his short career against Seattle's star right-hander.

"Every now and again, you see that he is human," Wedge said. "He was king of all over the place tonight."

The Angels trailed 8-2 when Bourjos led off the fifth with his third homer of the season. The speedy outfielder hadn't homered since April 15 after missing 38 games with a hamstring injury.

The next six Angels also got hits, with Pujols driving in a run before Trumbo cleared the bases with a homer off the fake rock pile in center field.

Danny Farquhar intentionally walked Trout in the sixth to get to Pujols, who poked a broken-bat single into center to score Bourjos with the tying run.

NOTES: Despite making a sharp running catch at the wall in the ninth inning, Hamilton had yet another miserable game, going 0 for 4 with an RBI in the $125 million slugger's second game in the No. 7 slot in manager Mike Scioscia's order. He grounded into yet another double play in the seventh inning, and struck out with the bases loaded to end the eighth. ... The Angels set the club record with seven consecutive hits Aug. 31, 2002 against Baltimore. ... Angels RHP Dane De La Rosa had four strikeouts in two innings of one-hit relief.


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RadioShack bundling $100 Google Play store credit with HTC One purchases

Loyal Engadget readers know that we don't normally trouble ourselves with promotions, but this one is too wild to ignore. Until June 30th, RadioShack is offering the HTC One to AT&T and Sprint customers with an added bonus -- a $100 credit for the Google Play store. Should you elect to sign up with Sprint, you'll basically get away like a bandit since RadioShack has slashed the price of the handset to $79.99 for new activations -- on two-year contracts, of course. After all is said and done, you would basically leave $20 richer than when you started (sort of). So, if you've been lusting after the HTC One but have held off on buying it, the universe might be trying to tell you something.

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1M Brazilians fill streets with protest, violence

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) ? More than a million Brazilians poured into the streets of at least 80 cities Thursday in this week's largest anti-government demonstrations yet, protests that saw violent clashes break out in several cities as people demanding improved public services and an end to corruption faced tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets.

At least one protester was killed in Sao Paulo state after a car rammed into a crowd of demonstrators, the driver apparently angered about being unable to drive along a street.

In Rio de Janeiro, where an estimated 300,000 demonstrators swarmed into the seaside city's central area, running clashes played out between riot police and clusters of mostly young men, their T-shirts wrapped around their faces. But several peaceful protesters were up in the crackdown, too, as police fired tear gas canisters into their midst and at times indiscriminately used pepper spray.

Thundering booms echoed off stately colonial buildings as rubber bullets and the gas were fired at fleeing crowds.

At least 40 people were injured in Rio, including protesters like Michele Menezes, a wisp of a woman whose youthful face and braces belie her 26 years. Bleeding and with her hair singed from the explosion of a tear gas canister, she said that she and others took refuge from the violence in an open bar, only to have a police officer toss the canister inside.

It exploded on top of Menezes, tore through her jeans and dug out two quarter-sized holes on the back of her thighs while also perforating a rash of small holes in her upper arm.

"I was leaving a peaceful protest and it's not the thugs that attack me but the police themselves," said Menezes, removing her wire-rim glasses to wipe her bloodshot eyes.

She later took refuge in a hotel along with about two dozen youths, families and others said they had been repeatedly hit with pepper spray by motorcycle police as they too took refuge inside a bar.

Despite the crackdown, protesters said they would not back down.

"I saw some pretty scary things, but they're not going to shake me. There's another march on the 22nd and I'm going to be there," said 19-year-old university student Fernanda Szuster.

Asked whether her parents knew that she was taking part in the protests, Szuster said that "they know and they're proud. They also protested when they were young. So they think it's great."

She added, though, that she wouldn't tell her father the details of the police violence she was a victim of. "If he knew, he would never let me leave the house again."

In Brasilia, police struggled to keep hundreds of protesters from invading the Foreign Ministry, outside of which protesters lit a small fire. Other government buildings were attacked around the capital's central esplanade. There, too, police resorted to tear gas and rubber bullets in attempts to scatter the crowds.

Clashes were also reported in the Amazon jungle city of Belem, in Porto Alegre in the south, in the university town Campinas north of Sao Paulo and in the northeastern Brazilian city of Salvador.

"This was meant to be a peaceful demonstration and it is," said artist Wanderlei Costa, 33, in Brasilia. "It's a shame some people cause trouble when there is a much bigger message behind this movement. Brazil needs to change, not only on the government level, but also on the grass roots level. We have to learn to demonstrate without violence."

The protests took place one week after a violent police crackdown on a much smaller protests in Sao Paulo galvanized Brazilians to take to the streets.

The unrest is hitting the nation as it hosts the Confederations Cup football tournament with tens of thousands of foreign visitors in attendance. It also comes one month before Pope Francis is scheduled to visit the nation, and ahead of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, raising concerns about how Brazilian officials will provide security.

Mass protests are rare in this 190 million-person country, with demonstrations generally attracting small numbers of politicized participants. The ongoing, growing marches have caught Brazilian governments by surprise, but have delighted many citizens.

"I think we desperately need this, that we've been needing this for a very, very long time," said Paulo Roberto Rodrigues da Cunha, a 63-year-old clothing store salesman in Rio.

In Salvador, police shot tear gas canisters and rubber bullets to disperse a small crowd of protesters trying to break through a police barrier blocking one of the city's streets. One woman was injured in her foot.

Elsewhere in Salvador some 5,000 protesters gathered in Campo Grand Square.

"We pay a lot of money in taxes, for electricity, for services, and we want to know where that money is," said Italo Santos, a 25-year old student as he walked with friends toward the square.

Despite the energy on the street, many protesters said they were unsure how the movement would win real political concessions. People in the protests have held up signs asking for everything from education reforms to free bus fare while denouncing the billions of public dollars spent on stadiums in advance of the World Cup and the Olympics.

"It's sort of a Catch-22," Rodrigues da Cunha said. "On the one hand we need some sort of leadership, on the other we don't want this to be compromised by being affiliated with any political party."

Earlier Thursday, the protests took on the feel of a party, especially in Sao Paulo and Rio.

People of all ages, many of them draped in flags, gathered in front of the majestic domed Candelaria church in downtown Rio, while groups elsewhere pounded out Carnival rhythms or chanted slogans targeting Rio state's governor.

At one point, a police helicopter flew over the crowd, which booed and pointed green lasers at the craft.

When shirtless youths, many of them with T-shirts wrapped round their faces, pushed and jostled their way through the crowd, people spontaneously broke out into a chant of "Without violence!"

But as has been the pattern earlier this week, the clashes began once night fell.

Several city leaders have already accepted protester demands to revoke an increase in bus and subway fares in the hopes that anti-government anger cools. In Sao Paulo, where demonstrators blocked Paulista Avenue, organizers said they would turn their demonstration into a party celebrating the lower transit fares.

But many believe the protests are no longer just about bus fares and have become larger cries for systemic changes.

President Dilma Rousseff called an emergency meeting with top advisers for Friday morning. Rousseff has been largely absent since the demonstrations broke out, making just one public statement but offering no speeches or grand gestures in an attempt to calm the situation.

"This is the start of a structural change in Brazil," said Aline Campos, a 29 year old publicist in Brasilia. "People now want to make sure their money is well spent, that it's not wasted through corruption."


Associated Press writers Marco Sibaja in Brasilia, Bradley Brooks and Stan Lehman in Sao Paulo and Ricardo Zuniga in Salvador contributed to this report.


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